Natural Tea-tree products for Air conditioning Sanitizing and cleaning

What is Gelair

“Over years of servicing and commissioning Air conditioning systems, we have seen several different weird and wonderful things growing in and around ac systems. This is a major leading cause of sick building syndrome. Servicing is a major part of keeping your ac system healthy. The filter is the main component in the system that captures the dust and germs floating in the air. But what about the coil and ducting. These are areas that are difficult to get to and clean and builds up with dust and bacteria eventually leading to mould, and We know how mould effects We have looked into various product in the market and have trialed a few over the years. Recently we have come across a product that ticks all the boxes in terms of effectiveness, environment and use.
We were so impressed with the product that we can now supply to our customers.
Gelair is a natural Tea tree based product which is highly effective in killing mould and bacteria associated with air-conditioning system. it has been developed with multiple industries to find an effective solution to mould control.
- Commercial
- Mining
- Offshore and Marine
- Domestic
- Agriculture and many more industry’s

Gelair Products

Gelairs have a range of products specifically designed for sanitizing and cleaning of air conditioning and also for general cleaning applications.

Here are a few products and there uses.

Evap fresh Pods
Gelair all purpose liquid
Gelair Gel Blocks
Gelair Coil and duct cleaner.