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What is Building Envelope Testing?

Building Envelope Testing (BET) is a type of test that shows a structure's air leakage. The test is performed with blower door fan(s) and pressurises or de-pressurises a building, meaning that the building leaks more easily. For the test facility a leakage rate can be determined and the permeability of a structure can be found.

BET tests are done in accordance with AS/NZS 9972:2015.

Our Air Tightness Technician is currently at Level 1 Certification (#15984). This gives ability to test dwellings and non-dwellings up to 4000m3 gross envelope volume, tested as a single entity with a single blower door fan.

Our team is constantly upskilling and broadening - stay tuned.

Why Test Tightness?

Testing the tightness of a structure shows how permeable the building's envelope or 'skin' is to the surrounds. A highly permeable envelope (high leakage rate) means that unconditioned air is able to easily displace conditioned air or even exhaust conditioned air.

A leaking structure is inefficient and requires additional capacity in HVAC equipment selection, thus higher energy costs and more costly equipment.